Your Guide to Air Plants and Air-Purifying Plants

Your Guide to Air Plants and Air-Purifying Plants


Finding plants for your home is one of the greatest joys as a homeowner. However, certain plants are more suitable than others for your purposes. Let us take a very close look at five facts about air plants and air purifying plants.

#1 What is an air plant?

To start th\ings off, an air plant is a plant that grows in the air. It doesn’t require soil to grow and instead hangs from your ceiling or a piece of string. These plants are awesome because they don’t require a huge pot to grow in. You’ll be able to save space in your home while decorating it with a beautiful plant. Air plants are typically lightweight and don’t require an excessive amount of maintenance.

#2 What is an air purifying plant?

Air purifying plants clean the air and make it healthier to breathe. If you live in a city with poor air quality, these plants are amazing additions to HVAC systems. In particular, if you have preexisting health conditions such as allergies or asthma, these plants are fantastic for your health. In fact, all plants eliminate carbon dioxide from the air, but these species cleanse the air to a further degree for lawn care.

#3 How to choose plants

There are so many beautiful air plants and effective air purifying plants. No matter which one you get, it will be a great addition to your home. Therefore, you really want to consider the needs of the plant. If your home doesn’t get much natural sunlight, you want to choose a plant that does well in the shade such as a shade cultivar. On the other hand, if there is an abundance of natural light, you can opt for plants that are a little more demanding.

#4 How many plants to get

In order to purify your air, you need an adequate number of plants. Conventional wisdom says that you want one medium sized plant for every 100 square feet of space. If you’re constantly sitting in one room of your home, you can probably get away with a single plant in a central location. However, if the air quality is extremely poor to begin with, you might want to load up on additional plants. Within a week of planting, you’ll already notice a difference.

#5 Growing your own plants

Last but not least, some homeowners are tempted to pursue lawn management and grow these plants from seeds. This is generally not recommended. Growing an air plant from scratch takes more than a green thumb, and you’ll save more money in the long run by simply purchasing them. If your air purifying plants are doing well, feel free to cross plant them to produce some offspring. Regardless, it’s best to do some research on the best conditions for all of your plants. You’ll want to replicate the environment of the gardening store as best as possible in your home.


In conclusion, these are a couple of facts about air plants and air purifying plants. If you’ve been growing plants in the soil all your life, you should highly consider these air plants. They will change the way you approach gardening and your home.


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