Why Renovate your Kitchen?

Why Renovate your Kitchen?

The most successful eateries renovate their kitchen from time to time. In fact, some of the very busy eateries renovate their kitchen and even their dining rooms every year or two. The secret of this renovation is to remove the musty old smells of the kitchen. The welcoming new look of a renovated kitchen is the additional bonus.

Renovate to grow

A renovated eatery gives out the aroma of freshly cooked food, attracting new customers and retaining the old.

The same applies to the home as well. While it is desirable to renovate your living room and sleeping quarters, every few decades, it is essential to renovate your kitchen more often.

The kitchen is central to home

In today’s busy world, a renovated kitchen gives you increased family time. In Canada, statistics show that nearly 50 percent of the kitchen renovation is done in orderto get more family time. The other reasons for kitchen renovation are increase in counter space, new appliances as adaptation to technology and to have a better looking kitchen.

An outdated kitchen can be a major deterrent to cooking encouraging the option of ordering food from outside. But a better looking and well renovated kitchen may want to make people stay home and cook. A renovated modern kitchen may want you to cook up a healthy, wholesome meal at home for the whole family.

Renovating your kitchen need not be an expensive, time consuming or a difficult task.

There are several well reputed kitchen renovators in the market like Renovilla who provide services to suit all budgets from small to big,

Renovate and be happy

A prominent Kitchen Trend Report states that homeowners who have recently renovated their kitchens often live healthier lifestyles. They more often eat home cooked meals thanpeople with older less functional kitchens that need renovation.

One survey that was conducted on people with updated and renovated kitchen showed that over a third of them lived a healthier lifestyle after their kitchen was renovated. This is basically due to more meals being cooked at home. A renovated updated kitchen brings about a positive lifestyle change in people.

Therefore it is not surprising that most people renovate their kitchen for this reason only, rather than for the sole purpose of renovating a house.


The reasons for renovating a kitchen can be listed as follows:

  • More time with your family
  • More healthy homemade meals
  • Host more parties
  • A fresh look
  • Convenience, less back breaking
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