Why Buy a Composite Door?

Why Buy a Composite Door?

Composite doors North Wales are the up and coming door style that everyone is buzzing about. Composite doors, as their name suggests are made up of multiple materials to give an impenetrable structure. Here are just some of the reasons you should consider a composite door for your new door North Wales home.

Can Suit Any Home

Composite doors can have a timber outward appearance and come in a range of well-known heritage colours – a composite door is an ideal choice for a period property. However, due to their ability to be customised, they can also be suited to modern homes with a more contemporary style.

They also look impressive, with the stunning glossy skin that is impact resistant, the exterior of your door will always look in great condition.

They Won’t Let You Down

Due to the strong and rigid framework, composite doors are inherently suitable for a front door, they are extremely resistant to intrusion and provide more than adequate security for your home. The core of a composite door are often made from wood and other really insulating materials and additional layers, which have then been encased in a durable, weather resistant thermoplastic skin. They will also protect your home from the weather, no matter if it’s blowing a gale outside or even heavily snowing, you composite door will keep your home dry and comfortable. Draughts are a thing of the past, with tight weather and waterproof seals, nothing can get in.

Unrivalled Thermal Insulation

With the highly dense and insulating foam core, heat cannot escape from your home. It also blocks the cold from entering. This will also have a positive impact on your home energy bills, many homeowners choose to fit a composite door in order to reduce their household bills. A composite door can lower your energy bills as you will be relying on central heating less, and this in turn reduces your overall carbon footprint – environmentally friendly is the way forward!

Along with the superb thermal insulation, improved sound reduction is also a benefit – if you live in a high traffic volume area, unwanted noise should quickly become a problem of the past.

Wow Factor

Your front door is the first impression that your home makes to any visitors. A composite door, with its amazing performance, stunning aesthetics and abundant style and colour options; is the perfect home improvement to boost your homes kerb appeal. Choosing a composite door in an exciting and inviting colour will help to boost your property’s kerb appeal, this is ideal for those looking to potentially sell their homes in the future.

Easy Maintenance

A wonderful added benefit of composite doors, is that they are easy to maintain. They are robust and durable enough to not be concerned about them cracking like a uPVC door might, and you won’t need to varnish, paint and seal them like you would a traditional hardwood door. All the maintenance that is required for a composite door is a simple damp cloth and a mild cleaning solution and warm water. It is also recommended that the hinges and locks are lubricated at least once a year to keep things working smoothly.


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