Trying out Dry work in the bathroom?” Remodeling Without Trouble!

Trying out Dry work in the bathroom?” Remodeling Without Trouble!

It may be that the dry work concept sounds like Chinese to you, or maybe you already know more or less where you are going. In any case, today you will find out about all its advantages because we will give you some ideas of how you can remodel your bathroom without doing any work, or messing up your house too much. Sounds good, right? You can imagine any change you want; from renovating the floor covering and walls, to creating divisions of spaces in the bathroom or placing a cover for the custom-made lavatory. Take note, it is the revolution in the field of remodeling! You can contact us for bathroom remodeling Bethesda MD service.

What is Dry Work?

The dry work is a construction type in which materials that requires wet mortars, such as cement, are not used. And since they do not need drying time, remodeling is quicker to do. In the dry work, “ready-to-install” materials are used, glued, nailed, embedded or simply supported on any pre-existing material, hence their execution is cleaner, as they do not generate debris or dust.

Why Should I Bet On The Dry Work in the Bathroom?

The bathroom is a very busy place. Therefore, undertake a remodeling that involves chopping floors and walls, will be more cumbersome, more expensive and longer than if you opt for a remodeling of dry work. On the other hand, dry work is very convenient to make changes that you do not want to be irreversible, such as being able to recover the original floor tile because you live in a leasing department.

Vinyl or Linoleum Floors

Being one of the surfaces with more visibility of the bathroom, along with the walls, a small change has a great visual impact. Self- adhesive vinyl or linoleum floors are two materials that allow you to renew without doing works. They are placed very easily and both options are resistant to moisture and high traffic. There is a wide range of colors and finishes, which even imitate natural materials. 

Ceramic Floors Dry Placement

These are ceramic tiles that are installed with a “click” system, without the need to glue them with cement or fill the joints. They look like the tiles of a lifetime and have the same features, but they are placed more quickly and can be removed in the future, if you wish to remove them, you would only need a specific tool, which looks like a suction cup and lifts them by the force of the vacuum.

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