Things to Consider Before Purchasing New Laboratory Equipment

Things to Consider Before Purchasing New Laboratory Equipment

Establishing a lab is no small work. The more efficient the lab is expected to be, the more complex the machines and equipment has to be. Many modern equipment for laboratory research is complex and purchasing them can be just as complex. First, they must involve people who have knowledge of the equipment and how they work.

Other equipment may be simple and not require too many purchase processes, but the larger sophisticated ones that usually involve million-dollar deals, complex testing tools, special shipping services, special installations are more grievous to acquire.

Some of these machines have to be specially built or improve upon to carry out new processes. The technical and business factor have to be catered for. In order to reduce the trouble of acquiring these materials, these are things suggested by LeDab to be put in place.

#1: Price

Price becomes a more important factor when the equipment in question is sophisticated and expensive. So that apart from considering the cost of the equipment, it is important to know the maintenance requirement in cost and skill for as long as it is going to be in use.

#2: Contract and service

The warranty period will come to an end at some point, and you’d do well to acquire all services applicable to your purchase beyond just the warranty offer.

#3: Technical support

The amount of technical support that the manufacturers can provide should be negotiated. Depending on the type of equipment, a periodic system update may be needed; all these should be considered at initial purchase of equipment.

#4: Parts availability

Especially for heavy equipment, the different dealings that have to do with the original manufacturer parts and consumables should be covered as well as alternative sources.

#5: Skill level of users

Is the equipment similar to older versions in terms of use and operations? Or how flexible and easy to use is the equipment to users skilled in use of older versions? Will the users need some kind of extra or new training to be empowered to efficiently make use of the equipment and how much does this training cost.

#6: Criteria for use and environmental friendliness

The kind of environmental condition in which the equipment must be kept; as in green lab equipment must be catered for. Its environment must be put in place before purchase.

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