Steel Doors Toronto, Hamilton

Steel Doors Toronto, Hamilton

Steel Doors Toronto, Hamilton service has a complete range of commercial rolling steel door products. They install and service in the Toronto and Hamilton region.  These roll-up garage doors provide superior security and protection against any unauthorized entry to your property. Because these doors can be customized for a full range of applications they come in various affordable options. Your rolling steel door is for a parking garage entrance or loading area and they are built for durability. They are designed to perform much longer than your standard overhead garage door with proper routine maintenance.

How Durable Are Rolling Steel Door?

  • Most rolling steel door brands have some standard features like galvanized finishes available in 22,20 or 18 gauge steel with bottom bar for stability and security. It has also multiple standard finishes materials and uses all to suit your needs. It has several rolling steel doors that have oil-tempered torsion springs that are designed for 50,000 cycles.
  • They can custom design additional options to include special construction for extremely high cycle applications. Roll-up garage doors are often designed as fire-rated doors, built to close automatically in the event of a fire in your facility. They can also be used as service doors for commercial, industrial and government settings.

Protection of Fire-Rated Doors

  • Fire Protection is a must everywhere you go, especially in industries where explosive material is a concern. Wilcox Door Service is only supplying the most reliable commercial fire rated doorson the market. They provide superior fire protection and fast egress from any building. Protecting your personnel and equipment is priority number 1, that is why they add yearly fire inspections.
  • Rolling steel fire doors are one of the designed to automatically close in the event of a fire and contain smoke from spreading. All rolling fire doors, they install are customized and be used to provide security. It has several optional materials and finishes available. These doors stay UL approved to meet your local/industry fire safety guidelines.
  • More importantly, these technicians are knowledgeable about rolling steel fire door safety and maintenance. Fire drop testing is mandatory by law in Canada. It protects your personnel and lowers your risk of liability when inspected probably. These commercial building fire protection policy with the government of Canada.

Rolling Steel Door Benefits

  • Parts are easily available in case of any replacement of slats
  • Galvanized finish without a need for further painting
  • Heavy Duty Construction ensures years of trouble-free performance
  • Structural angles guides and aluminum bottom bar are durable and easy to repair
  • The steel-plated brackets are more durable than stamped steel bracket plates
  • Heavy-Duty Cast throats are more durable than stamped steel stops
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