Spec – the Home of High-quality Pre-cut Hardwood

Spec – the Home of High-quality Pre-cut Hardwood

Are you looking to buy pallet pre-cut components? If that is the case, you come to the right place. This article will introduce to you a supplier that is well-connected to the reliable lumber manufacturers. When it comes to the forestry industry, you can say that they are one of the most trusted.

Yes, and I am talking about Spec. The high-quality hardwood cut stock from Woodspec is just what you should look for. This company is well-connected as what has mentioned above. However, that is not the only thing why they have a good number of customers. Another reason why are well-liked is because of the fact that they also offer amazing services thus they are really worth checking out.

Products they offer:

Pre-cut hardwood – their products are most of the time obtained from northern hardwoods such as birch, soft maple, and hard maple. They supply them to some of the leading industries in Canada and US.

Check out their website for more information about the available dimensions, the grading, and so on.

Pre-cut aspen – their aspen boards are just produced near their office and that means they can check out the process every time they feel like it. They have a large inventory all the time so they can always accommodate customers even those with bulk orders.

For dimensions and grading system, you should check out their website. There you will also see more information about them and why you should not be wary of them as your partner.

Pre-cut spruce – they usually have the northern spruce such as fir and pine. They also supply this type of lumber to Canada and in the US. Just to make sure they will be able to provide the exact needs of their customers, they use an innovative approach. To understand what their customers need, they will take the time to really visit and talk to them. Together, they will check out the mills so they understand and will learn how their orders are done.

For the grading system and the dimensions, you can check out the complete list on their website.

Yes, the supplier of your hardwood materials must be meticulously checked so you can be assured of high-quality products. With Spec, you can be sure that your needs will not be compromised. You will be their priority thus you will surely get what you need from them.

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