Smartest Options with the HVAC Repair Now

Smartest Options with the HVAC Repair Now

If you want the air conditioning of your car to work with the passage of time and correctly, you should be aware of any deficiency that may arise , since only automatic air conditioners (and not manual or semi-automatic) have a light indicator that indicates a possible system failure.

You must perform adequate maintenance. The basic advice is that, at least, you should check its operation once a year, before the arrival of summer. You can always take a look under the bonnet, clean the radiator and check the coolant level.

For example, you should go through the workshop every two years to recharge the air conditioning gas; you can do it yourself, but it is a very complex task and in a workshop it does not have a high cost. The air filter is also important: manufacturers recommend that it be changed once a year every 10,000 kilometers. If you drive on dirt roads, which raise more dust, these intervals should be noticeably lower. From columbia sc hvac you can now have the best options and deals now.

Identify Possible Bugs

As we said, not all cars will warn us that the air conditioning system suffers a breakdown. However, if we look at these symptoms, we can detect them:

The cabin filter is clogged: when you connect the air conditioner and the amount of air does not come out enough, it may be due to this problem. The filter may be dirty and, consequently, become clogged. Replacement cost: about 20 euros.

– The fog is concentrated in the crystals: that means that the air conditioning does not cool enough. The problem can be solved by charging the gas in the circuit. Cost of the recharge: about 35 euros.

– The system does not work: if you hear any noise coming from the engine area, it may be that your car’s air conditioning system is damaged in its compressor. Repair cost: about 400 euros the change of the compressor.

– Unpleasant odor when the system is switched on: moisture may have accumulated in the ventilation ducts, and the circuit may be infected with dust, fungi or bacteria.

Know All the Elements of Air Conditioning

The system of the air conditioning of a car consists of several elements to take into account: the filter of the cabin , that filters the air, pollen, dust and dirt, and that requires a periodic change; the compressor , which compresses the gas and releases the operating cycle of the air conditioning system; the condenser , which cools the gas and ensures that it passes to the liquid state that has been compressed by the compressor; the evaporator , which cools the air circulating inside the car and removes moisture; the expansion valve , which allows the passage of fluid from liquid to gas state, which generates the cold; and the dehydrating bottle , which filters the impurities and recovers the humidity of the circuit to protect the compressor.

What Is Better: Circulate With The Windows Lowered Or With The Air Conditioning On?

Here are some truths: driving with the windows down, especially from a certain speed, can slightly increase fuel consumption by trying to maintain the same speed as with the windows up; On the other hand, turning on the air conditioner implies the use of a mechanical compressor driven by the distribution of the motor, which can also slightly increase the consumption and subtract a little power. Even so, for convenience, and given that the differences are minimal, it is always advisable to wear the air conditioner.

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