Six Benefits of Corporate Housing in St. Louis

Six Benefits of Corporate Housing in St. Louis

When visiting the Gateway to the West on short business trips, a hotel is often adequate.  However, hotels are rarely a good choice for extended business trips.  That’s why business travelers are choosing corporate housing in St. Louis when there for an extended stay.


The cost of hotel lodging can add up quickly and most hotels don’t offer discounts for extended stay.  Even at extended-stay hotels, the cost rises quickly.  They may be cheaper than a typical hotel, but they’re rarely less expensive than corporate housing, and neither offers the same comforts or amenities unless they come with hotel-suite prices.

Upgraded Amenities

Corporate housing with newer beds, and furniture that is actually comfortable are a welcomed change from the tired, worn-out beds and furniture at hotels.  The kitchens are generally larger, some with updated appliances, and they have a full array of pots, pans, cookware, and utensils.  Housing with office space or a second bedroom is plentiful for a slightly higher budget.  The convenience of a washer and dryer also is generally included.

Most also have exceptional amenities like pools, hot tubs, exercise facilities, and much more.  Hotels can offer these too, but sharing these amenities at a hotel can be an adventure or downright chaotic.

More Comfortable

One of the biggest complaints business travelers have is the limited space of a hotel room.  A three-day stay in a small room is dreary, but spending a few weeks or more in one is a ticket to cabin-fever.  Having storage space and more overall room likens the visitor’s stay to being home and helps foster more comfort.

Long trips away from family and friends can make any traveler lonely. With corporate housing, friends and family can be accommodated easier when they visit, and some semblance of home can be found by forging friendships with neighbors.

Housekeeping Service

A common add-on option to the home-like comforts of corporate housing is housekeeping services, which can be added for a set fee per cleaning.


Security can be a greater concern when away from familiar areas. Corporate housing companies offer knowledge of the area and locations, and many apartments offer dedicated door personnel and trained security to increase the safety of a stay, especially a lengthy one.

Different Options

A hotel room is a hotel room, but there are many options with corporate housing, from location and size to layout and style.  Downtown high-rise apartment or townhome locations are frequently closer to work or offer more public transportation options, while suburban locations offer a little more seclusion, and sometimes have options for a dedicated garage or carport.

The Best Option

Regardless of the business traveler’s choice, the options for corporate housing in St. Louis won’t disappoint!

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