On which aspects the landscaping depends and which steps you must take?

On which aspects the landscaping depends and which steps you must take?

The design of the gardening landscape depends on the specific Landscape Architecture needs of giving privacy and security to a home. These same requirements will influence the material, more resistant or ornamental, that you will have to choose. How to choose the right fence or wall to delimit, protect and, from now on, beautify your garden? Thinking about the material that is best assimilated with the style of your home offers the consistency and opacity you need.

In addition, there are combinations between materials, different designs in terms of form, different heights and proposals that make this element of the house versatile when it comes to adapting to your needs.

Coated in wood

Wood is a relatively expensive material, especially when using it for a perimeter fence. In addition, wood, by itself, may not respond to the resistance needs of an urban dwelling. In this way, the internal view of the fence remains with the warmth of the wood, while the cement is exposed externally. There are things that do not change, such as the sensation that the rural and rustic constructions offer. In the city, privacy is essential to rest from the crowd in the home. In the fields, transparency is essential, to enjoy the landscape and the housing and the garden are connected to the environment.

Custom effects: recycled and other herbs

As you know from the beginning, the materials can be worked in many ways when building a fence. The solid wood in deteriorated condition that will be used in the fence of the photo, speaks of a material that, probably, was part of another construction and was recycled to decorate a rustic fence. The shelves for outdoors clear the area of the garden and help you have at hand the belongings of gardening or home maintenance.

Posts and plants

A simple resource is to bury posts along the wall that you want to protect from intrusive looks. To break the monotony you can intersperse some fence plants like yours, which with its foliage hope and perennial sifts the vision to the other side. A few cutters or dusters can be placed in front of the posts, which give an idea of movement and remove rigidity from the whole.

Conclusion: A plant wall

It is a very impressive resource, as can be seen in the proposal of expert landscape architects. The vegetable gardens are placed on a trellis on which climbing plants or vines grow. The secret to give attractiveness and dynamism to this type of walls is to choose perennial plants with different foliage and tonalities. There are plants with attractive flowers, with red leaves that add drama, and with yellows that stand out against the green base.

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