Living Room Window Treatments – Ideas for Living Room Blinds That Will Amaze You!

Living Room Window Treatments – Ideas for Living Room Blinds That Will Amaze You!

Different rooms in our house have different functionalities and need unique décor according to it. Not only homeowners are unique, but so is every space. This is the reason why you will come across a wide range of curtains and blinds particular to every room.

Among all the rooms, living room is the most inhabited rooms in our house. It is the major focal point of most of the people’s house. The perfect blinds for living room will complement not only your own style, but the room décor as well.

There are many factors that determine which kind of blind will best suit to your living room including design, use of the room, as well as its overall look. Take a look at the following section and you will know which one among all kinds of blinds will suit your living room best.

Roman blinds

Roman Kaihtimet are the best in sophistication and style. They are especially suited to the petite living rooms having small windows since it doesn’t take up much space. These types of blinds offer pattern, colour, as well as texture of top quality fabric. It is the most modern way to bring interest and charm to any space.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds provide unrivalled privacy. They can easily be controlled with complete precision thereby allowing you to block the unwanted views inside without sacrificing on fresh air and natural sunlight. They are available in wide choice of colors that allows you to select perfect one to complement the décor of your living room.

Wooden blinds

Wooden blinds are perfect solution for you if you want privacy, warmth, as well as noise reduction. They even offer optimal light control by rotating up to 180 degrees. No matter if your living room is traditional, country-cottage inspired or modern, wooden blinds can be ideal for them. You can choose from a huge range of finishes and stains, choosing the one that can best complement your interior design. You can also go for the painted wooden blinds that can add another great element of interest to space.


Curtains are traditional choice for living rooms that brings warmth as well as sophistication in a wide range of patterns and colors. They are in fact most versatile among all the other window dressings. They can easily be adapted to complement the interior décor in a perfect way along with bringing finishing touch to the space that you have always wanted.

Top quality curtains can stand test of time and can even be easily maintained by steam cleaning, vacuuming, or dry cleaning at regular intervals. They can even benefit from thermal lining and blackout, boosting up thermal efficiency of your home.

Another great option is made-to-measure blinds to give bespoke look and great functionality to your living room. Avaeksperdid – Kaihtimet ja Verhot will take care of the installation and measure to ensure perfect finish. Apart from being made to the window measurements, these blinds can even be further customized to your personal taste with selection of personalized accessories and touches.

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