Is A Condominium Right for Me?

Is A Condominium Right for Me?

Renting your first apartment is a dream. Not because it’s a super luxurious place or because it’s the ideal home of your dreams. Renting your first apartment, for most people, is the first step out into the world of independence. However, after a few years and depending on your location, there will come a time when you grow out of the apartment and become ready to step into home ownership. But, purchasing a home is not as it was decades ago as there are more options available. Everyone doesn’t want the white picket fence or 3 story houses. Some people like the apartment feel but want something more permanent and spacious. It’s important to consider all the facts when going into to homeownership of any kind. If you are ready to upgrade from an apartment but not sure about a house, consider the in between; a condominium.

What’s the Difference?

If this is your first rodeo when it comes to purchasing a home, you may not know the difference between condominiums and houses. They both involve mortgages and you would need a realtor for both options as well. But, there are major differences. Houses are on individual pieces of land that does not have to be shared with neighbors. Condos are a part of a building, much like an apartment, with shared facilities like a backyard area. That can seem like a bummer but it’s a lot less personal responsibility when it comes to upkeep and maintenance. Many condos also include almost resort like amenities including pools, BBQ areas, and gyms.

Are Condominiums Right for Me?

There is no definitive way to determine, without a doubt, which option is best for you. A house is a classic option that can grow with your family and allows for more space both inside and out. However, there are things you can consider about your personal lifestyle to figure out if a condo is right for you. For starters, condominiums usually are not as hard on your pocketbook. They are more cost and budget friendly which can be nice if you are just stickling out on your own or starting a new family. Condos also require less upkeep. You can forget about having to rake leaves in the fall, water the grass in the summer, and shoveling the snow in the winter. The building will hire maintenance to do all of that. Condos are also more updated usually and need less, if any, work when it comes time to move in. Unlike houses that may be fixer uppers to lower the price, condominiums are usually move in ready.

When you are ready to strike out into homeownership, consider the luxury of a condominium.

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