Increasing Your Home’s Curb Appeal With New Windows

Increasing Your Home’s Curb Appeal With New Windows

When it comes to buying a house, curb appeal is an important consideration for most buyers. The way a house looks from the street, including all aspects of the home’s exterior and the yard, make a powerful first impression on a potential buyer. The windows of a home are an integral part of the property’s overall appearance. New windows can revitalize and breathe new life into a home, a sign of a well-cared for, much-loved home, with a pristine exterior. Replacing or installing new windows is a smart investment before putting a house on the market; like touching up the paint and updating the landscaping.

First Impression


A home’s curb appeal can make or break a sale. Imagine the reaction of a hopeful buyer arriving at a property for sale and seeing an unkempt lawn, missing roof shingles, or damaged paint. The state of the windows is just as important as the other features of the exterior. A cracked, damaged or foggy window is extremely detrimental. A fixer-upper is one thing; a house needing a major overhaul is another. Even the most optimistic buyer would undoubtedly feel disappointed upon seeing a house with a poorly maintained exterior. It usually indicates a neglected interior and a house that simply has not been well taken care of. The way a house looks from the outside will either draw a buyer in or scare them away.

A cracked, broken window pane is a red flag; an indicator of trouble, a clear SOS message stating that this house needs work. Old windows can give a house an overall dirty appearance, unlike the way new and shimmering windows can beautifully draw daylight into a home, creating the warm, welcoming feeling of a light, bright, sunny home. New windows entirely transform the exterior and interior of a home.

In addition to taking away from a house’s aesthetic, appearance, and overall appeal, old and/or damaged windows almost always indicate a house that is not energy efficient. Bad windows almost always mean a poorly insulated home, which make the house difficult and expensive to heat in the winter and equally problematic to keep cool in the summer.

The Importance of Light


Even while viewing a house from the outside, it’s fairly easy to judge by looking at the windows whether the house gets enough natural lighting. Adequate natural lighting is a major consideration, as selling a house with windowless rooms or poorly lit rooms can be quite challenging. This is especially true among older homes; newer homes are usually constructed using techniques that allow for optimal natural lighting, including bay windows, picture windows, and skylights. While light fixtures can always be installed to improve poor lighting, a sunlit room is much more desirable. Adding windows where they do not exist is an investment that new buyers can always consider, but it means budgeting the time and money to do so.

The Results


The importance of a house’s exterior determines a buyer’s first impression, the importance of which cannot be understated. The state of a home’s windows is as important as the yard, the roof or the paint; ideally in immaculate condition to attract and welcome buyers. Replacing a house’s old or damaged windows offers a high return on investment. Statistically, homes with good curb appeal sell quickly at the highest asking prices, resulting in happy sellers and excited, confident buyers.

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