Ideal Colors to Use for Your Basement Renovations

Ideal Colors to Use for Your Basement Renovations

A basement renovation is a challenging task to undertake, but it can be very rewarding once you’ve finished the project. One of the main things you’ll have to consider is what colors to use for decorating your basement space. The colors you select will depend on how you’re going to use the renovated basement and your overall decorative style. Here are some shades that you can consider to make the basement look especially welcoming and appealing.

Neutral hues like tan and brown are ideal if you’re going to use the basement for more than one purpose. If the basement will be an additional den, a tan wall makes it easier for you to change the furniture in the basement as often as you want, since the sofas and chairs that you select will always coordinate with the walls. This is also true if the basement will be a guest bedroom. Tan or medium brown walls give you lots of options when you want to change the bedding or furniture in the bedroom space. You can make the space more attractive by painting the molding or siding in a gold or bronze color. This is still in keeping with the wall color scheme and adds a touch of elegance to the basement.

If you’re turning the basement into a children’s play area, it’s perfectly fine to play with brighter colors. A bold shade of blue or green is ideal for the walls, and can make your children feel safe and inspired to learn when they step into the room. If you want to use yellow, this color can promote excitement, so a medium or light variation of this color is best. Reds and oranges are also great colors to use for an indoor playground, but these should serve as accent colors, since shades of red can induce feelings of aggression if they are seen too intensely or frequently.

If you’re a fan of purple and have lots of furniture and decorative pieces that will coordinate with this hue, purple walls are a beautiful choice for the basement. Purple is a symbol of royalty, but can also symbolize balance since purple is a mixture of blue (a cool color) and red (a warm color). A light shade of purple can work well if you’re decorating a bedroom in the basement, since you use both silver and gold furniture accents in the room. A deep shade of purple like eggplant is a great choice if you’re using other jewel tones like hunter green and ruby in your furniture, drapes or throw pillows.

Remember that an accent wall is another ideal way to decorate the walls of your basement. If you want to keep the walls white or tan, reserving one wall with designs or a bright color can serve as a conversation piece. You can even customize the wall by allowing your children to paint their own designs on the wall or including a family monogram on the wall to make your basement one of a kind.

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