How To Prepare Your Spring Garden In Sydney

How To Prepare Your Spring Garden In Sydney

With the beginning of spring, there are some tasks you need to carry out. We will provide you with 8 ideas to keep you busy!

Spring is such a thrilling time, especially for garden enthusiasts. If your schedule doesn’t restrict you that much, why not start to prepare well your garden for spring? Not to worry that much! The professionals from Amico along with the suggestions below will help you get the best jump start!

Clear out weeds and dead leaves

During the winter and fall, the garden is being exposed to various elements. Begin by cleaning your lawn and garden beds from dead leaves, branches, weeds, and other debris. It is crucial to start these jobs soonest because you’ll have little chances of damaging the growing plants.

Make sure your greenhouse is clean

Before spring comes, it is recommended to clean your greenhouse. Sweep up all the plant debris and sanitize with a solution of garden disinfectants. Don’t forget to wash seed trays and pots, too in order to prevent possible diseases.

Keep your gardening tools sanitary

Cleaning and sharpening your gardening tools are another task you’d want to consider during spring. Caring for these tools will help preserve them, save you more money, and prevent the spread of diseases. Give them a scrub to make sure they won’t infect your valuable plants.

Get rid of unwanted pests

Look for garden pests and remove them to save lots of trouble. Check the crowns of your perennial plants for aphid colonies, slugs, or snails. The white vine weevil larvae are one bug you should look for. They commonly live in the compost and feed on the roots of the plants.

Start pruning

After a new growth has started, extract dead branches from perennial foliage, trees, and shrubs. Spring bloomers must be pruned soon after their flowering has been completed.

Set up water butts 

For collecting seasonal rainfall, water butts are such a good addition to your spring garden. It is good for watering ericaceous plants and helps the environment. The water butts you will be installing should be properly placed beneath the downpipe to make the best use of the rainfall.

Repair trellis, fences, and gates

If your gate, fence, or trellis is starting to get damaged or have been broken, now is the best time to fix them. Doing so will allow you to have more time in the garden in the spring season. This will also enable you to focus more on important things that your garden essentially needs

Build a composting area

This might be a ready-to-use compost bin. If not, you can make a compost bin on your own with just a spare piece of woods. This will benefit your plants a lot. However, ensure to have a combination of vegetable peelings, woody and paper pruning, and grass clippings.

Enjoy spring – that’s the most important part here. If you need some professional help, the landscaping services Sydney from Amico is a good way to kick off those spring garden activities.

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