How to Maintain Your Air Quality During Winter Months

How to Maintain Your Air Quality During Winter Months

For many people winter is the most difficult time of year. You’re cooped up indoors for many hours at a time, and you’re probably recycling much of the same air making your home feel stuffy and stale. Since it’s too cold outdoors to open up your windows and bring in fresh air, it’s important to focus and work to maintain the best possible air quality within your home that you can. There are some simple steps for you to follow to do just that, and with some changes made by you, you’ll keep your home more comfortable and fresh throughout the winter months.

Clean Registers and Ducts

Your heating and cooling system relies on a series of registers, vents and ducts to move air around. It’s important to make sure all of those things are kept nice and clean. While you can wash up the registers and vents around your home effectively, you’ll have to hire professionals to clean up the ducts themselves, but a complete cleaning only needs to be performed once every few years to keep ducts clear of dust and dirt.

Swap out Furnace Filters Regularly

Your furnace likely has a high quality filter in place designed to catch dust and debris as it passes through. Swap out old filters as they become dirty to trap as much dust and dirt as possible and to keep air moving through your heating system reliably.

Dust Frequently

Diligently dust off as many surfaces of your home as you can on a regular basis to minimize dust particles in your air. Take care to wipe off ceiling fans, shelves, and any other flat surfaces around your home, particularly those up high. Doing this on a regular basis will help remove dust from your house and improve your home’s air quality.

Install a Filtration System

Investing in an indoor filtration system that purifies the air in your home is another way that you can clean up the air, remove smells from your home and create a cleaner space for you to be in throughout the winter months. There are small and large filtration systems that you can get for single rooms or multiple rooms of your home. You can even have a large filtration system installed on your heating ducts themselves to really supercharge your ability to clean up the air in your home.

Consider UV Systems

The last thing that you can do to improve the air quality throughout your home is to add UV disinfecting systems at key points in your duct system. They rely on brilliant UV lights to kill of bacteria, viruses and germs that could build up over time and degrade the quality of your air. These systems aren’t cheap, but can help keep your home healthier over time.

Air quality is going to suffer a bit during the winter months, but hopefully with the right approach and by using a few of these tips you can improve that quality and keep your home fresher and more enjoyable to be in.

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