How to Handle Gas Water Heater Repair for Hot Water

How to Handle Gas Water Heater Repair for Hot Water

When you have a gas water heater installed at home, you may have to deal with certain issues from time to time. It is easy to deal with minor water heater repair, but you may have to call in a specialist when things are beyond your skills. One of the most common issues people face with the gas water heater is that it turns on but does not produce hot water. If you are experiencing the same issue, you can check for a few things to make your water heater start working again. For instance:

  • Check the thermocouple. You will have to gain access to the entire burner assembly to see if the thermocouple is functioning properly or not. If it has malfunctioned, you may want to replace it to resolve the issue. Keep in mind that your water heater will never have hot water unless the thermocouple works fine and keeps the burner on as well. You can replace the thermocouple with ease – it usually costs $5-$10 and you can handle everything on your own. Be sure to check all connections for gas leaks once you have replaced the thermocouple.
  • Pay attention to the gas valve. When you do not get hot water, there may be an issue with the gas valve. You will find it on the outside of the heater. Its main function is to control the flow of gas to the burner as well as to the pilot light. A faulty gas valve will affect the gas supply and make it impossible to get hot water. Thankfully, it is quite easy to change the gas valve on your own. You do not need to ask a water heater repair specialist to come and do it for you. However, you will be better off letting a professional do it if you do not know how to disconnect the main gas line first. Without disconnecting it, you should not try to replace the valve or else you will end up dealing with difficult and potentially dangerous situations.
  • Check the burner of your water heater. Any problem with the burner will keep the heater from functioning properly. You are likely to have problems here if the burner has rusted usually due to a water leak. If you have been using your water heater for several years, the burner can get cracked or damaged. If you find any issue here, you will have to replace the burner, which is quite similar to how you repair the thermocouple.

The fact of the matter is that you will have to deal with an irritating and annoying situation when your water heater suddenly stops heating up the water. There could be many possible causes, but you may need to talk to a professional if you have checked for the issues mentioned already. Be sure to hire an experienced plumber because only they can pinpoint the exact issue and fix it efficiently.

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