How to fix cracks in your foundation using DIY Underpinning

How to fix cracks in your foundation using DIY Underpinning

Although underpinning can be done at home, you should only go about it if you have enough experience. Here are some ways in which you can finish a basement underpinning project yourself.

Set up support

Before the actual process begins, you will have to set up a support system which will hold up the foundation while you work on it. For this, you will need wooden bars and steel beams- anything that will be able to safely take the load of the base. Since this is temporary, the beams can be taken away once the underpinning process is complete.

  • Remove waste stuff

If there are any little chunks of dirt, concrete or old paint near the cracks, you will need to get rid of them using an old paintbrush. If a coarse brush does not work, use a softer brush to make sure that the area is completely free of debris.

  • Start with surface sealer

Inject a mixture of surface seal in the crack, but don’t fill it to the top. Cover the entire crack with epoxy, each at a distance of six inches from the other. Let it sit for about 10 minutes, and then let it cure for another 60 minutes. When you can’t scratch the surface with your fingernail, you will know you’re done.

  • Prepare the urethane

Before injecting the urethane, apply water on the crack. This water will act as a catalyst for the urethane, which will later expand. Attach a mixture o a cartridge of urethane and lock it with the nut. Finally, you will have to push the urethane cartridge into the caulk gun.

  • Apply the urethane

Take the injection and begin injecting the urethane slowly into the crack. The catalytic reaction between the water and the urethane will create foam, which will fill up the crack.

  • Inspect the crack

Once you inspect the crack after 24 hours, it should be completely sealed. Spray some water on it to check whether there is any leaking or not. If not, then you can repaint the crack without any worries.

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