How to Be Your Own General Contractor

How to Be Your Own General Contractor

Building a new home is one of the highlights of life. It’s where your children and grandchildren will come to feel safe and make memories. Being the general contractor for your home can save you 20-30%, and you can be sure the details and quality are what you want.

Designing and Budgeting

Planning is essential to getting the results you want. It’s advisable to hire an architect to be sure your design is feasible, but there are other options.  Do your research and know what you want. One of the most challenging parts of the building process is changing your mind once it has begun.

Hiring, Managing and Firing Subcontractors

You will be hiring numerous sub-contractors. Check their ratings, be extremely clear, and be willing to fire them if they don’t show up. The first thing you’ll need to do is clear the land. Excavation and land development western Canada will create your driveway, clear ample space for construction, and level the ground where required. Once your property is ready for construction, here’s a shortlist of who you’ll be hiring.

  • Mason for the stem wall
  • Concrete subcontractor for the foundation
  • Carpenter for the framing
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Roofer
  • Flooring specialists
  • Kitchen and bath specialists
  • Drywaller
  • Finish carpenter
  • Painters

Documenting and Insuring the Construction

You’ll need permits, insurance, and contracts to stay legal, safe and organized. Check with your local government in the planning phase to get a schedule of the permits you’ll need through the process. Your insurance agent can put you in the right plan to protect your investment. Write up a contract for each subcontractor detailing the project, budget and deadline.

Being a general contractor requires dedication. If you are organized and have the personality to communicate with subcontractors, you can be sure to enjoy the process and reap the benefits of a beautiful, original place to call home.

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