Hidden secrets of paying for a Rockport Texas home with cash

Hidden secrets of paying for a Rockport Texas home with cash

If you want to buy a home for sale in Rockport and have the option of paying with cash or taking out a mortgage loan, consider these benefits of buying a home with cash:

No Monthly Mortgage Payments

Instead of worrying about dipping into savings or using a credit card to make that payment, you’ll enjoy having extra income with which to indulge yourself, your spouse, your kids or grandkids.

No Interest Payments

Did you know if you borrow $100,000 to buy a Rockport home, you could be making payments on only the interest of that loan for at least a decade or more? In fact, taking out a 30-year mortgage on that amount of money at a 4.5 percent interest rate means you may be paying your lender more than $80,000 in just interest payments! Who wants to do that?

Buy Any Home for Sale in Rockport

Sellers love people who pay cash when buying their home more than anything–well, almost anything. Seriously, you are more likely to get the home of your dreams at a lower price when using cash instead of a loan to buy a home.

Say Good-bye to Steep Closing Costs

Paying cash for a home means eliminating loan origination, property appraisal and, in some cases, attorney costs. This may save you thousands of dollars you could use for more important things associated with your new home.

It’s Faster to Close on a Home

Buying a home for sale in Rockport using a mortgage loan means waiting as long as two months before finalizing paperwork to close on the home. If you pay with cash, the home could be yours in seven short days.

Nobody Can Take It Away From You

Paying for a home with cash means your beautiful home in Rockport is yours and yours only. It does not belong to a bank or mortgage lender–only you!

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