Graffiti Removal – Tips and Tricks

Graffiti Removal – Tips and Tricks

Graffiti are a common sight when you are walking through the inner areas of cities in the UK. Also known as tagging, it is the use of permanent spray paints and inks to deface walls, buildings and other structures. These are done on public properties and unauthorised places and is a highly illegal activity. It reduces the value of and image of a business and also lowers the value of property. In addition, it also makes a certain area of the city look unsafe, which lowers the overall property value as well. If you have also been a victim of such this artistic expression of feelings, you need to know about the process of graffiti removal as well. To help you out in the process, we have listed here some tips and tricks that can help you in the process of removing graffiti from your building and make it look as good as it was before.

Graffiti Removal

The most logical way to remove graffiti seems to be a high-pressure system. While it can be used, but chances are that it will cause damage to the building. The key to removing graffiti successfully without causing any harm to the surface of the building is to know the kind of paint that was used to draw it. The products made with baking soda can be really helpful in restoring areas of brick, concrete, masonry and other such surfaces. When you are dealing with the removal of spray paints, you should always work from the outside to the inside to prevent the spread of paints to other cleans areas of the building. Doing it too aggressively can leave the pattern of the graffiti shadowed or scratched into the surface. Therefore, don’t rub the surface too hard.

Clean the Surface

Before beginning with the process of graffiti removal, make sure you clean the surface thoroughly. Start from the top and work your way to the bottom and catch any liquid that falls as you clean.

Chalk or Spray

The kind of technique that will work best for graffiti removal depends on what type the graffiti is. Pressure washers work best when you are dealing with chalk graffiti. On the other hand, you will have to use some abrasives such as acetone, paint thinner, or other baking soda based products to remove graffiti done with spray paints. It also depends on the surface the paint is sprayed at as everything doesn’t work best in all cases.

Clean the Entire Area

While the main aim is to remove graffiti, you cannot leave the entire wall as such and just clean a small part of it. This is going to leave an outline of the graffiti on the wall, which looks really bad. Therefore, plan to clean the entire wall or any other structure. Clean the whole area and don’t just focus on a small part where the graffiti was.

These simple tips and tricks can help you in the process of graffiti removal.

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