Getting More Use From Your Garage

Getting More Use From Your Garage

Your garage can be more than a place to store your car. For many it is an extension of their living space. You can store things in it, do projects in it, and may even use the garage as a covered patio for an outdoor party. Consider the following ideas to get better use and enjoyment from your garage.

Clean and Organize

Put your canister vacuum to use and clean the floors, vacuum out any stud walls or rafters, and windowsills to get rid of all the dirt, debris and bugs. Apply a couple coats of a good outdoor paint in a light color so that you can see better and have a clean base. Add some shelves for organizing your camping gear, tools, sports equipment and other random item that are stored in the garage. Get some lidded plastic tubs for sorting these into and label them for quick location when they are needed.

Easy Access

If you have to get out of your car to raise or lower the garage door every time, you’re much less likely to use your garage to store your vehicle when not in use. Consider installing a Genie garage door opener so that you can open it from the safety of your car when coming or going. You will find you use the garage much more often and it will be more secure when you are away.

Light it Up

Add some good lighting in your garage. Don’t settle for the single light bulb that is commonly found in these spaces. Rather, install task lighting. A bright light over a workbench, motion sensors lights near the stairs or outside door and a good overhead light for when you use the garage for other purposes, or for cleaning.

Your garage can serve you well if you incorporate a few of these ideas. It doesn’t just need to be the creepy place you go through just to get to your car, but rather a friendly and useful addition to your home.

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