Fireplace Safety Tips

Fireplace Safety Tips

A fireplace may be a wonderful and cozy feature in a home. However, it is very important to take certain precautions to ensure that the fireplace is safe to use. Here are several tips to keep in mind to help maintain a safe fireplace, so that everyone in the household may enjoy it.

Proper Cleaning

Anytime that a fire is lit in the fireplace, it may be a good idea to check the area around the fireplace for any items that could be flammable. Sparks and embers could ignite drapery, blankets, and other things that are near to the flames. Keeping the area by the hearth clean and tidy is helpful.

In addition to keeping the vicinity clean and clear of items that could ignite, consider having a yearly cleaning of the chimney. This is an area where fires can start and quickly spread if it is not kept clean. Therefore, before using the fireplace when a cold winter settles on the east coast of America, schedule a chimney cleaning in MD, for example! Proper cleaning can help to avert a chimney fire.   

Extinguishers and Alarms

It may be a great idea to keep water and an extinguisher nearby a wood burning stove or a hearth. Extinguishers can quickly put out flames during an emergency. Installing smoke detectors and checking the batteries regularly are also priorities. And don’t forget about adding a carbon monoxide alarm. These devices may save lives.

Keep a Close Eye on the Flames – and Douse After Use

A warm and cozy fire on a winter evening can be very relaxing. However, before heading to bed, it’s crucial that the flames are fully out. Even if the roaring blaze has dwindled to a just a small glimmer with some smoke, that fire can still be dangerous. Always monitor the hearth, and prior to turning in for the night, consider dousing any remaining flames with water to prevent anything from igniting.

Fireplaces can be lovely and comforting for an entire family. Following these suggestions can help to maintain a safe and enjoyable experience!

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