Different Type of Pipes for ideal Plumbing System

Different Type of Pipes for ideal Plumbing System

A perfect plumbing system is one of the first and foremost choices of all the house owners. A minor error during the process may cause serious harm in the future as well. In this case, it is always essential for you to take care of it without any hassles.

Therefore in order to ensure the proper working; you should need to add perfect plumbing material to your house so that you do not need to spend money on the same after some time again; after all, it is the matter of your hard earned money.

Temecula plumbing is a well-known name in the plumbing material providers which does not include any particular recommendation. Actually different types of piping materials are being used in order to do various tasks such as waste drainage, fresh water supply, irrigation, gas pipers for appliances and much more. Let’s have a look at what are all the pipes majorly used for the plumbing system.

PVC Pipes

PVC pipes are one of the most commonly used pipes in residential homes. These are one of the most versatile and affordable kent plumbing pipes which come up with various fittings and sizes. These pipes are capable of bearing warm as well as cold water. The best part about the PVC pipes is that they do not get rusted or corroded easily and hence can be easily used for long-lasting results. These pipes are quite strong and durable and are capable of bearing high pressure and hence one of the perfect choices to be used in high-pressure applications.

Cast iron pipes

These pipes are one of the most commonly used pipes which are used in the drainage system. These pipes include various features like lower price, high resistance to corrosion, high durability and much more. These pipes need to take special care during transportation and making connections as these get easily break on applying high pressure. Due to their fragile nature, these are not recommended to be used for long-term usage.

Steel pipes

The steel pipes are very much stronger and lighter in weight than cast iron pipes and hence have a high demand in the market. As the name suggests, these pipes are made up of steel and hence can be used in places where it needs to bear very high pressure. There are chances of these pipes to be get corroded or rusted and hence requires, adequate preventive measures in order to carry various adverse atmospheric conditions. You can also use these pipes encased in cement mortar or cement concrete which are further termed as Hume Steel pipes.

Galvanized Iron Pipes

These pipes make water supply inside a building. These pipes are generally zinc coated pipes which are usually made up of wrought steel and hence can usually be used in water fittings. These pipes usually come up with variant sizes and light, medium and heavy grades in accordance with the thickness of the metal used.

Copper pipes

People use Copper pipes for hot water installation due to their high tensile strength. The pipes include very thin walls and can be bending easily. The copper pipes usually come up with the coating of chromium in order to enhance its appearance much more.

Asbestos cement pipes

The asbestos cement pipes are generally used for draining rainwater from roofs, soil, ventilation and waste out. These pipes usually come up with a wider diameter and about 3 meters length. The only drawback of these pipes is that they are very heavy to carry and can be break easily if not handled properly. These pipes do not include a higher price tag and hence can be easily affordable for making your drainage system.

Concrete pipes

Persons use concrete pipes for water supply or drainage system, and it is well known as reinforced which include a small diameter. These pipes are also more substantial and need special care for handling.

Who does not want to have best plumbing pipes for their household usage after all it’s a matter of your hard earned money. There are entirely seven different kinds of kent plumbing pipes in the market, which you can easily use for your household usage. All you need to keep in mind is that for what purpose you are going to use it in your home. That’s all.

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