Different styles of Craftsman Front Door

Different styles of Craftsman Front Door

Craftsman style is currently making waves in the world of arts and crafts. In fact, home furniture designs are not left out in the trend. In ancient times, there were traditional cottage homes and porches of a bungalow in every apartment. By styling doors and windows ‘the Craftsman’ way, both doors and windows are made to befit these cottage homes. This creative Craftsman style dates back to the rich American history of woodcraft. The first Craftsman style home was in California which was a portrayal of the Arts and Crafts movement of the Ideals of England. This article will give you an insight into what these Craftsmen do.

As said earlier, wood is the major material used in the construction process. Although, some craftsmen have integrated other reinforcement materials such as steel fibreglass into the process. But this does not eliminate wood as the primary construction material. There are several reasons that make wood the primary material. The most traditional reason is that wood is a trademark of craftsmen and the peculiarity of wood designs appeals to the eyes. Examples of home features that are compatible with wood include shingles and railings. From time immemorial, these home features are specifically designed with wood. Doors are gradually integrated into the types of design as well.

Also, the color tone and scheme of Craftsman homes are specifically in earthly or neutral shades. The rhythmical blending of door color with that of the home gives it an outstanding appearance. In any case, these Craftsman homes are huge determinants of the color of the door. Generally, the dominant color scheme for Craftsman homes is stained wood mahogany. Dim blue, reddish brown, and aloe green are other examples of earthly colors.

The intricate and detailed designs of these Craftsman-style doors. Even though the doors are simple in style, they are crafted with keen eyes on details. The regular design of the Craftsman style front door synchronizes perfectly with an attractive patio. There are distinctive features that can be spotted in craftsmen style houses such as:

  • Clear or stained panes of glasses. Usually, the numbers of panes are about three to six and the lower two-thirds hold the wooden panel support.
  • In three-pane doors, there are three vertical rectangles particularly cased together to resemble a symmetrical arrangement of the popular Craftsman design.
  • In six-pane doors, there is a grid-like pattern which resembles a two-dimensional symmetrical arrangement.
  • At the upper section of the door, there may be selective patterns – this is the commonest.
  • Sometimes, Craftsman front door styles can have intrinsic designs at the base of the panes. These small ledges can be designed with molds.

It is quite interesting that some Craftsman style doors come with hardware installations. These are not regular computer parts, of course. There are common and indispensable door parts that are handled with keyed entry and deadbolts. When in contact with finishes such as oil-rubbed types, they make a good combination. This is because these finishes suit the earthly template of the Craftsman home.

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