Considerations When Looking For a Dependable Plumber in Winnipeg

Considerations When Looking For a Dependable Plumber in Winnipeg

Plumbing problems can be quite common, especially in older building and homes. They can come in as simple tasks like leaky faucets or clogged drains, or something more complex, such as adding a laundry room or installing a sink. While some of the small plumbing jobs can easily be tackled by a handy homeowner, others are so difficult that your average homeowner should not even begin to think about handling them on their own. If you have a big plumbing job in your home, you should hire a residential plumber in Winnipeg to do it for you. Here are some things to consider when looking for a dependable residential or commercial plumber in Winnipeg.


Price is often a big issue when thinking about home repair and you will realize that the cost difference from one plumber to another can be extreme. In a case like this it is not always wise to make your choice based only on the cost. The lowest priced plumbers might be so because their quality of service is poor, so you should go with the most qualified plumbing expert for the best price instead of any plumber at the lowest price. When shopping for a commercial or residential plumber in Winnipeg that will complete the task for you, look for those that offer free estimates. If the issue is not an emergency that needs immediate attention, then get a number of estimates from different plumbers to compare.


You do not necessarily want to choose a plumber that has only had their license for just a short time (or worse yet, a plumbing expert that does not have a license). Experience is among the most valued tools that a plumbing expert can possess. Plumbers who have been in this business for many years are better prepared to handle any surprises or problems that crop up in the middle of the plumbing job. Experience might cost you a higher rate, but it is also likely get the task done more quickly and efficiently.


Consider the kind of guarantee that comes along with the plumber’s work you are considering. A reliable commercial plumber in Winnipeg will provide a reasonable guarantee in writing, which covers everything that goes wrong with the project. Avoid plumbers who do not offer some kind of guarantee for their work.


This is a big one, perhaps the most essential consideration when looking for a dependable residential or commercial plumber in Winnipeg. If you do not personally know a potential plumber, or know someone that they have worked for in the past then getting references is very important. It is helpful to hear from people that have had work done by the expert how professional, reliable and honest the plumber is.

Licensing and Insurance

A dependable residential plumber in Winnipeg will be licensed, bonded and insured. Large plumbing jobs require permits and will at times require that the plumbing expert you hire be licensed. Verify license as well as insurance before making your final decision.

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