Be chic

Be chic

A chic bedroom always gives joy and inspiration to its owner! With small changes you can convert your room into a stylish space that will transform your life and give you happiness and a lot of energy.

Choose relaxed and relaxing colors

The relaxed colors are always sharper than the most intense dynamic shades that usually do not fit in a bedroom. Gray, black, silver, white and gold are considered “resilient” colors that can give chic character to a room.

Put the bed in the right position

 Study the space of your bedroom carefully to see which position is best for your bed. Try all possible choices to make sure you have chosen the ideal location. As much as it seems to you, it is not very important where you will put your bed; in fact it is because the bed is always the center of one bedroom. After choosing the spot you think best, you can then take care of the rest of the room decoration.

Create a reading corner

A bedroom that has only one bed in the middle and nothing else, can hardly show stylish. However, if you add a small table and a beautiful armchair, its decoration is greatly improved. Take one of the armchairs in the living room (if you do not want to buy a new one and leave you) and add a small table in front of it. Immediately the room will look more beautiful and shy.

Decorate the walls

You can add some frames with your favorite photos or you can put a poster Copenhagen on the wall above your bed and the result will look really glamorous.

Decorate with large lamps

Large lamps add luxury to a space. So add two large lamps to your room and see it become more attractive and fun. A smart idea to save space – if your bedroom is small – is to mount your lamps on the wall instead of having them on your bedside tables. As shown in the picture below, the wall-mounted lamp helps to save space on the small table-bedside table.

Create storage space

 Having a room extra storage is a great cause because it will never look messy. A chic room, of course, could never be messy. So add extra storage space to your room to give it “air” to breathe. A nice idea is to raise your bed slightly by placing drawers or cupboards beneath it. Alternatively, you can make a small wardrobe even above the bedroom door. There you will be able to store blankets, duvets and general clothes that you do not wear during the season.

Throw a wool or fur mat or throw on the bed

 Now that the weather is going to be better as the winter will pass by, you can replace the wool pitch with a thinner blanket. The volume always adds luxury to a bed. It gives him style, character and makes it look cozier, an item that always gives extra points in a room. The same work can do the many pillows.

Choose the right pillows

 It is important to choose the right pillows for your bed. Earthy shades usually look more stylish, and you should avoid overloading your bed with plenty of pillows. Select the appropriate number to show your bed attractive and chic. We would suggest that you stay in 4 large or 2 older and 2-3 smaller.

Play with Different Materials

 You can comfortably combine different materials and fabrics to give you extra quality in your space. Choose a color for the walls in some earthy shade and just play with fabrics and fabrics. You can, for example, combine satin bed linen or cotton linen with knitted pillows.

Oversized Linen

With regard to your bed sheets do not strain their size. The larger beds look luxurious and it is good to choose them. Under no circumstances should you use sheets that even cover your bed. Its image will not be beautiful at all.

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