Are Fire Inspections Important At Home?

Are Fire Inspections Important At Home?

In addition to ensuring that your business has the proper fire protection equipment, regular inspections should be conducted. A fire extinguisher that does not work is not going to help when you need to put out a fire. Unless someone has experienced the devastating effects of a fire, they may forget about scheduling inspections regularly. This can be a costly mistake.

Inspecting Your Equipment

Many states have statutes regarding the inspection of businesses for fire safety. Making certain that your business complies with fire codes is another reason for the inspections. Equipment that is designed to protect your business from a fire is complex. If it does not work properly, the entire building as well as other ones nearby could be a total loss. One company that offers fire protection services is Campbell Fire Protection Inc. and can be found if you click here.

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Sprinkler systems are one type of equipment installed in businesses. There is more than one type, so inspections are important to make sure they are in operating condition. Fire alarms should also be inspected. They alert people that there is a fire, allowing them to exit the building and perhaps save their life. Most use batteries, but have a backup system.

Educating Employees About Fire Safety

It is essential that employees know how to operate fire safety equipment. They should also be aware of where it is located, so they do not have to search for it if there is a fire. Knowing where emergency exits are located is another very important aspect. If your business is a restaurant, they should also be educated about the difference in grease fires and other types.

It is estimated that approximately 14% of fires that start in manufacturing and industrial businesses are due to equipment or tools. One of the leading causes of fires is cooking equipment and not just in restaurants. They often start in office buildings as well as in health care settings. Regardless of the type of business you own, it pays to have regular fire safety inspections to protect workers, patrons, and yourself.

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