Advantages Of Automatic Blinds for your windows

Advantages Of Automatic Blinds for your windows

The blinds are important elements in any home; this is because they serve several functions: shelter from the sun, protect our home from dust and grant us privacy among other things; over the years these accessories were refined and come to have what is known as “automaticity”. Below we will talk about blinds, and if you are in need of curtains, blinds or windows installations visit toile sur mesure Store Urbain.

Currently, it is not strange to see more than one house with automatic shutters; these are more practical, functional and comfortable for the user; that the blinds go up or down alone is not only a matter of convenience but a perfect way to protect any residence.

Protection, Decoration, And Convenience

When we talk about security, we refer to the thieves as well as the wind and the rains; the automatic blinds can centralize their control and be controlled by remote control or pre-established programs; The latter include factors such as hours of sun and darkness. The automatic screens have a motor which must be chosen according to the weight, axis and other characteristics of the screens. It is the engine that is in charge of “creating the physical force” necessary to push the blind upwards or downwards; this motor is installed on one side of the shaft on which the blind is rolled and unrolled.

On the other hand, the motor can be attached to the accessory used to control the rise and fall of the blind and the electrical network through cables. Among all the advantages we find in using blinds the most important is that they insulate against noise and that, depending on the material and thickness, they can reduce heat losses by up to 20%, thus achieving a considerable saving in heating systems.

But beyond its functionality, automatic blinds are decorative elements; new trends expand the shades of grey, white and brown to achieve complete integration with the rest of the facade and the environment; The drawer like the engine also has the same color as the rest of the structure. Regarding its location, we say that they are usually located outside the windows, and that is why they are always exposed to the sun, wind and the cold. Currently, automatic blinds are made of three types of materials: PVC, wood, and aluminium; thanks to the use of such durable materials, blinds tend to last a long time.

Tips To Choose Automatic Blinds

The choice of automatic blinds is not an easy task since it plays a fundamental role in the thermal and acoustic insulation of the home. So you must take into account the exterior aesthetics of the building and at the same time evaluate its effectiveness; the automatic roller shutters are those that meet all the necessary conditions that the house demands, its compact system occupies very little space. Those made of PVC allow a hermetic closing which gives us a total thermal and acoustic insulation, they are resistant because they have a double wall but can only be placed inside; Automatic aluminium blinds are not very common and are used when the drawer is placed outside the house.

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