A Basic Guide Explaining an Upper hand of BLDC Ceiling fans over Normal fans

A Basic Guide Explaining an Upper hand of BLDC Ceiling fans over Normal fans

The ceiling fan are one of the most widely used domestic cooling appliances mainly by the middle-class families in India. A country where a majority of the people belongs to the middle-income group, lot of research and development work is regularly carried out by the renowned ceiling fan manufacturing companies like Atomberg, Crompton Greaves, Havell, Polar, etc to bring in the advanced features. The latest innovation in this category is the advent of the BLDC ceiling fans.

The BLDC ceiling fans or the brushless DC motor ceiling fans are the more technologically advanced, energy-efficient variant of the normal ceiling fans. Here everything, right from the motor to the blades of the fans have been optimised in design to develop a new age product which can offer maximise performance with minimum energy consumption. They are powered by the direct current (DC) electricity and are provided with an electronic commutation system, rather than a mechanical commutator and brushes of the normal fan. Here we throw some light on how the BLDC fans are better than the conventional ceiling fans in terms of energy consumption, motor, and speed of the fan.

  • Energy Consumption

The energy consumption of the normal ceiling fan is around 75 ~ 80 W of power, which results in mounting power bill for the middle-income group, especially in the summer months. Moreover, these fan uses resistance based regulators to regulate the speed, which results in sufficient amount of heat generation and significant loss of energy.

The BLDC fans, on the other hand, consumes around 30 ~ 35 W of power which reduces your electricity bill by a significant amount. These fans are equipped with a permanent motor and electronic commutation for regulating the speed of the fan. Here there is practically no heat generation thus negligible loss of energy while in changing the speed of the fan.

  • Motor of BLDC Fans and Conventional Ceiling Fans

Most of the conventional ceiling fans run on single phase induction motor which consists of a rotor and a motor. When it is supplied with an alternate current (AC), an alternating magnetic flux is generated in the motor. Here the magnetic field builds up in one phase of the motor and then drops to zero, and then another magnetic field builds up in the alternate direction and falls again. So, we can see that a single phase alternate motor does not have the capability to self-start; it has to be provided with a capacitor. Since this motor relies on mechanical commutation, there is inevitably some form of energy loss.

The advanced and innovative BLDC motors use electronic commutator along with the stator and the rotor. This type of fans is also equipped with the permanent magnets in the rotor instead of the electromagnets of the normal ceiling fans. The BLDC fans have an integrated inverter which can supply direct electric current (DC) source to the fan. There is minimum energy loss due to the absence of mechanical commutator.

  • Speed of the Fan

The normal ceiling fans run on single-phase induction motor where the highest Rotation per Minute (RPM) is around 360 thus offering an airflow range of around 250-300 m3/min. The BLDC fans, on the other hand, have the highest running torque per cubic inch, which enables them to operate at a very high speed of around 500RPM. So, you can see the huge difference in the airflow of both the categories of ceiling fans.

  • Remote Control

Ceiling fans of Atomberg come with a remote control which is loaded with innovative features like timer, sleep mode, boost mode. You can preset the fan in the sleep mode to automatically reduce its speed as the night approaches. It helps to conserve the energy and bring down your power bill by a significant value. The boost mode helps to increase the fan speed to its maximum value. This type of remote controlled features is not available in normal ceiling fans.

Finally, we can see that the BLDC fans are more energy efficient and better performer than the normal fans in all respects. Buy on Atomberg now to enjoy all the featured and benefits.

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