5 Ways to Make Your Lawn the Perfect Venue for Family Fun This Summer

5 Ways to Make Your Lawn the Perfect Venue for Family Fun This Summer

Summer has officially arrived and the kids who are on a break from school will soon demand to be “entertained.”

It often does not take long before they get tired of watching TV every day. And, if you are like a lot of parents these days, you probably want to limit your children’s use of Internet-connecting devices.

You may have already scheduled a family vacation somewhere to make the little ones’ summer break fun and interesting. But after that, what else is there for the family?

One of the best ways to work this issue out is by investing in your lawn. Yes, make your home outdoor space the venue for family fun this summer.

This project may seem expensive but there are always ways to bring down the cost. Also, if you think about it, you can easily recoup your investment.

Here are five brilliant ways to transform your lawn or yard into the hub of enjoyment for the whole family this summer, and through the changing seasons.

1. Take care of pests

Trusted experts in lawn care in Liberty Township, OH advise property owners to ensure they free their outdoor space of creepy crawlers and fliers to protect plants, people and pets.


No matter how beautiful you landscape your yard, if there are wasps, beetles, mosquitoes and other biters around, nobody will want to hang out there.

So, before proceeding with other types of work for the lawn, take care of pest control needs first.

2. Install smart and fun reticulation

If you are still using a regular garden hose for your lawn, it is time to level up and set up sprinklers and slow-drip irrigation for your plant beds.

Speaking of sprinklers, these offer countless hours of fun for the little ones. On a really hot day, turn them on to blast water across the lawn and refresh the kids. Who needs to go to the community pool when there’s a generous shower of water right in your own yard?

For a day of water fun using your sprinklers, make sure to prepare some treats for the kids and their friends as well as some games. If you need ideas for a DIY backyard or lawn water park, Pinterest is a wonderful resource.

3. Set up lawn furniture

Lawn furniture can be expensive, but you can get really affordable ones if you do not mind visiting flea markets, garage or yard sales, Goodwill, and the Salvation Army. You can find good quality yet super affordable lawn furniture from these places that you can deck out your lawn or garden with.

Just having a few pieces of lawn furniture gives birth to all kinds of delightful possibilities for the family. You can have outdoor afternoon tea, quiet mornings for meditation, summertime reading hours for the kids, relaxing early evening chats, and so much more.

4. Add lights for style and function

There are so many creative ways that you can add lights to your lawn design. Twinkling lights make the outdoor space ideal for story telling time or nighttime gatherings. They can likewise provide a whimsical feel to the space especially if you wrap them around trees.

Meanwhile, spotlights can highlight the fine points of the landscape, say professionals in landscaping in Fairfield, OH. At the same time, they increase the security of your property.

A lot of times, just having these pretty lights are enough to get the family out to the yard to enjoy late afternoons or summer evenings.

5. Thicken your turf

There’s something very inviting about a thick carpet of green. Children like to lie down on it to gaze at the clouds. It also makes the lawn perfect for games like lawn bowling, Kro-kay, and badminton. However, a thick turf is not that easy to achieve.

For this, you can hire lawn professionals to treat your lawn. Or, you can start introducing other ground covers that look lush and beautiful like grass such as moss, thyme, and even wildflower mix, which are all drought or summer-tolerant.

With these ideas to level up the beauty and function of your lawn, your family may actually prefer to just stay at home where fun possibilities are only limited by the imagination. Along with that, you can enjoy the advantages of saving money in the long run, discovering new enjoyable activities, and keeping each other safe much better.

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