5 Tips That Can Help You Save on a Long-Distance Move

5 Tips That Can Help You Save on a Long-Distance Move

A long-distance move involves a lot more than the regular local move. Without sufficient planning, a long-distance move could end up taking its toll on you both emotionally and financially. Saving on moving costs involves a lot more than getting several moving companies Chicago estimates and choosing the cheapest among them. With the following tips, your long-distance move will not only be seamless, but you will save something at the end of the day.

Consider a DIY move

There are quite several moving companies Chicago that rent out their trucks for one-way trips. By choosing this, you only must cater for the truck’s rental fee and save on the costs that moving companies charge to pack and load your stuff. A DIY move also gives you total control on how you want your goods packed, loaded, and arranged them in the truck.

Check on your moving dates

The time you choose to move has a huge impact on the costs you incur. Avoid peak moving dates such as weekends, the first and last weeks of the months, and public holidays. Try to schedule your move around mid-week and mid-month for the best rates.

Solicit for help from friends and family or hire amateurs

Though most moving companies Chicago provide the option of packing for you, you could save some money by either doing the packing yourself or by asking for help from friends and family. You could also ask them to come with the moving boxes they do not use. Should they find it hard to get time off their schedules, hire non-professionals as they are likely to charge less than professionals. You could have them box the non-breakable stuff while you pack the more fragile items.

Engage a moving company that’s offering discounts

Besides comparing quotes from different moving companies, be on the lookout for companies offering moving discounts. There are moving companies Chicago that offer discounts and deals on moving supplies such as boxes.

Get rid of unnecessary stuff

Critically evaluate what you need to move and get rid of the stuff that you can do without. You could donate it, but by having a yard sale or selling it to a local thrift store you will end up with some money in your pocket. The goal is to have less stuff to pack, move and unpack.

Long distance moving can be quite daunting. Plan appropriately and have a budget in mind. By sticking to the budget and observing the above tips, you will ultimately have saved some money. Talk to a tax professional as some moving costs might be tax deductible if the move is job-related.

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