4 Warning Signs that You Need a Plumber

4 Warning Signs that You Need a Plumber

Over time the tear and wear on your home’s plumbing system will become unsustainable. With the entire activities of your family and the constant movement of water through your home’s plumbing system, it will eventually deteriorate. When this occurs, it becomes necessary to seek replacement services from plumbers Olympia WA. In some cases, partial replacement may solve the issue, but in most cases, you will need comprehensive plumbing service. So, when should you call a plumber? Here are the top four warning signs that it’s time to contact a professional plumber.

 High Water Bill

High water bill is one of the easiest ways to know that your plumbing system has a problem especially when you have been paying attention to your monthly water bills. When you discover that there is a sudden increase in your water usage over the past month, and the bill is still increasing, then it’s time to contact a plumber. The high-water bill may be as a result of severe leakages from your plumbing system. Sometimes, the leakage may be in a hidden spot that is difficult to notice easily. A professional plumber will be able to locate the leakage and fix it.

Low Water Pressure

If you discover that you are experiencing low water pressure, despite revolving the tap handle severally, then this is an indication that there is gunk in the aerator that is holding back the water it filters. Though it may look like a simple DIY task, you may end up destroying the interior components of the faucet by introducing holes in it which will eventually lead to leakages. Contact plumbers Olympia WA who will help get rid of the gunk professionally without damaging your faucet.

Unusual Odor

Musty smells from your home area indicate that there is water hiding somewhere in your plumbing system. These smells not only show that your system requires services of a professional plumber, but it is also an indicator that there is dangerous mold in the dark wet areas of your system. If the mold is not detected in time, it can cause severe damage to your home and health problems to your family.

Contaminated Water

Water that contains rust is a sign that your home requires a plumber. A water heater can also be a significant generator of contaminated water since it contains components known as anodes which are steel cores covered in magnesium, aluminum and zinc materials. Bacteria and other corrosive elements that are present in hot water tanks get attracted to the nodes instead of entering the entire system. As a result, the rod weakens and gets older making it stop functioning as expected which leads to contaminated or rust-colored water. Be sure to contact a professional plumber when you notice this issue.

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