Tips to keep your microwave oven clean

Tips to keep your microwave oven clean


Your microwave oven helps you in cooking food very fast. It is one of the most innovative appliances to cook your everyday foods. You may like to check out whether all the parts of the oven are functioning rightly. However, it is also essential to keep up the cleanliness of the system. A microwave, with no dirt, will surely perform its task at the optimal rate. Whether you clean microwave with vinegar or any other components, you have to know the right steps. Now, we have given you the best tips for managing these cleaning tasks very easily.

Taking the gunk out of the microwave

Pour water into your microwave-friendly bowl. You can apply vinegar, orange or lime. Thus, chop up any of these ingredients, and put them into the water. Place this bowl in the oven. Activate the machine, and do not turn it off until this solution is boiled. Leave it for fifteen minutes, and then open the door. Take the bowl out of the system and then wipe it with a good sponge.

Start cleaning the door

The microwave door has an important role to play, and due to everyday cooking, it can become greasy. In adjacent to the door, you can find a rubber-made gasket, and you have to clean it by using a wet sponge. You may also find oily layer on the window. You can make a solution of water and vinegar for treating it. Dry the system fully prior to starting your cooking process with your microwave.

Clean the outer surface of the parts

With simple dusting, you may clean the outer parts. You can take a piece of cloth, and wipe down the parts. This will help you in removing the loose dirt particles from the surface. Many users also apply a type of cleaner for treating these parts. However, make sure that the cleaner has not entered the holes as it may affect the internal functioning of the system. Moreover, the spray must not have direct contact with a microwave oven.

Remove the tough spots

The spots or stains on the microwave oven can make the appliance look dirty. Detach the removable parts, and wash them thoroughly.

Thus, you have to follow these tips to maintain your microwave oven. However, you must read the manual of your oven’s manufacturer. The manufacturer will inform whether the parts are dishwasher-friendly. While the guide does not give these details, you can wash the parts manually.

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