Few Tips and Tricks with Table Saw

Few Tips and Tricks with Table Saw

Are you interested to use your table saw in an efficient manner so that you can make a clean, safe and straight cuts while working with any project related to wood?

Following are few tips of using any best table saws under 500 that can prove to be quite useful.

Use feather boards for extra hands

Pull out one feather board if you find it tough in keeping board properly aligned with your fence. These feather boards will work as extra hand to hold wood tightly.

Set up a simple outfeed support

Without using a support or helper at other end may be quite impossible to rip last remaining few feet of long board. Either use a roller support or set up temporary outfeed support along with clamps.

For smoother crosscuts add fence to meter gauge

When you are trying to crosscut, especially at an angle, the meter gauge’s narrow width may offer poor support. So, screw wood fence for the meter gauge for better support.

Clamp on long fence for longer boards

Try to clamp straight, long board to its fence. If the fence is longer then it will be easier to maintain the wood firmly.

Use half fence for the complicated grain

In case, the two halves are bending towards each other while cutting and pinching the splitter. Wedge a shim in between the two halves after turning off the saw to do the cut.

Save your fingers by using push sticks

In case your hand is within a foot from the table saw blade, then use a push stick to keep your hands away from blade.

Cut narrow strips by using a sliding jig

Attach a short wood strip slightly thinner than rip cut of the width then hold your board against it, then try to push the jig and your hands will be away from blade, and then you can easily cut.

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