Easy non-chemical carpet cleaning processes – Much safer than chemical ones

Easy non-chemical carpet cleaning processes – Much safer than chemical ones

You may have a passion for interior decoration, and you love to give a unique touch to every room. If you have installed carpet on all the floors, it really looks beautiful. However, while you have not considered cleaning those carpets, your flooring will lose its beauty. The colors of carpets will also start fading. Moreover, a dirty carpet in the interior space is never good for health.

Chemical-based carpet cleaning is very effective at giving you the best output. You have to buy chemicals and apply it directly to your carpet. However, without good knowledge, you may not be able to pick the right chemical for your carpet. There are some chemicals, which are harmful to a carpet. That is why the chemical-free formula is the best option for DIY carpet cleaners.

White vinegar- It removes intense odors

The odors and stains from your pet’s pee are removable with the application of white vinegar. You have to use your towel for soaking up these stains. Prepare a solution with water and vinegar. Then, pour it into your spray bottle. Blot the parts to remove the bad smell.

Lime juice for carpets

When the carpet is of very light color, you can apply a solution, formulated with lime juice and salt. After using it for your carpets, you can leave the spots for twenty to thirty minutes. Then, cover it with a towel for removing the liquid. The lemon sap will turn out a fresh aroma from your carpet fibers.

Carbonated liquid

This is another good and safe solution for removing old stains out of carpet. The stains from wine are easily wiped out with this carbonated liquid. However, many people also use white wine to get a much better solution from it.

Simple soap-based cleaning

You have spilled out milk or fruit juice on the carpet just now. In that case, you may better take the fast action for easily removing the stains from it. It prevents the liquid from getting soaked into the carpet fibers. Make a solution with hot water and soap, and then, use it for your carpet. As you have taken an instant action, this option works best for you.

Thus, these are the common chemical-free cleaning options for treating your rugs or carpets. You may try out any of them to remove spots and odor from the fibers.

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