Does Your Renovated Bathroom Need Certification?

Does Your Renovated Bathroom Need Certification?

Whether your renovated bathroom requires certification shall depend on the type of bathroom renovation executed; however, the basic pointers are mentioned below:

  • If you change the layout of the existing bathroom design, including making small changes to your bathroom’s window size or move the hand-basin a bit, or relocate the entire bathroom to another place – all such renovation work requires certification and is compulsory. If you make any changes to the waterproofing, it also requires certification.
  • However, if you do not change the existing layout of your bathroom’s design, but renovate your existing bathroom’s interiors, such as, change the tiles or splashback or paint the walls with a new paint etc, then the bathroom renovation work does not require certification.

What it takes to obtain certification for the renovated bathroom?

The certification cost depends on whether you need the services of a certifier, engineer, or both. Depending on the total number of reviews required, costs may differ. However, the estimated costs will be in the range of AUD $900 to AUD $2700.

Why is it compulsory to get the bathroom renovation certified?

Certification acts as your future shield! When you make up your mind to sell your property to potential buyers, buyers will always try to negotiate a lower purchase price than what has been advertised by you.

If you have already renovated your most cherished asset ‘Home Sweet Home’ but have ignored to obtain certification for the renovated work, this may worry your prospective buyers, so they will try to negotiate an even lower asking price to accommodate non-certified works. Non-certified works can cost new property buyers dearly, to rectify, as well as, to get it approved by the NT Building Advisory Service.

Remember, to ask builders to provide some of their earlier completed works and references, so that you can speak to those people and obtain their valuable feedback.

If a builder tells, it is not necessary to obtain certification for the renovation work, or they do not get the bathroom renovation work certified, but they have changed your original bathroom design plan. For your own protection, make sure to get a second opinion. If you want a free advice, you can receive it from the NT Building Advisory Services.

If you want to go for bathroom renovations in Melbourne, get in touch with reputed and experienced bathroom renovators.

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