Does My Vinyl Pool Liner Need Replacing?

Does My Vinyl Pool Liner Need Replacing?

A good vinyl pool liner should last you a few years. You need to get an inspection by an experienced technician if you begin to notice problems. You can quickly find out if your pool liner needs replacing or it’s another problem altogether. Everyone that enjoys spending time in your pool will appreciate your efforts.

Noticeable Water Loss

If your pool is noticeably losing water every few days, the vinyl liner might have a serious problem. It can be an expensive endeavor to try and keep water in the pool. You never feel good about wasting a valuable resource like water. Have your liner inspected to see if it’s the source of your leak.

Visible Tears or Worn Spots

You can see problems if they are in an obvious spot. Tears and holes wore in the vinyl liner allow water to freely flow out the pool. You’ll need to have the entire liner replaced to have it back in good, usable condition. It’s possible there are small tears and holes that are not easy to see.

Excessive Aging

No matter how well you care for your vinyl pool liner, the day will come that replacement is necessary. Vinyl will eventually age and break down with exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun. Constant use will also bring about natural wear and tear. Properly winterizing your pool can help extend the life of your vinyl liner.

Choose Experienced Pool Repair and Maintenance Services

Don’t trust replacement of your vinyl pool liner to a random person that claims they can do the job. Stick with an experienced¬†vinyl liner replacement ST Louis County MO¬†homeowners rely on to get both affordable and quality pool repairs. You want service technicians that can handle any of your pool repair and maintenance needs.

Keep your pool in good repair to enjoy when the weather begins to heat up. Get an inspection before you begin using this year to ensure everything is good working order.

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