Calgary: A Great Place to Raise a Family!

Calgary: A Great Place to Raise a Family!

Families love living in Calgary, Alberta, and no wonder! With its pleasantly cool, dry climate and plentiful sunshine, you and your family can enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about rain spoiling your plans.

Lotsof Fun Things to Do!

Calgary’s zoo provides an incredible place for the kids to come and see the pandas, penguins, tigers, and gorillas. The second largest zoo in Canada, at this state-of-the-art facility you can watch the antics of all sorts of colorful birds, see adorable pandas and lemurs in their natural-looking habitats, and even attend some exciting tiger training!

In this amazing location, you can enjoy fun outings for the kids, such as petting zoos, pony and horse rides, as well as wagon rides on the local farms and ranches. Adults love the many interesting, and educational museums and art galleries the city offers to the public, as well as strolling, biking, or jogging in the beautiful parks. You can also pay a visit to Calgary’s biggest outdoor amusement park and experience thrilling rides and delicious food.

The nearby majestic Rocky Mountains provide breathtaking views, as well as an excellent place to hike and camp. Clear, gorgeous lakes offer excellent opportunities for fishing and other outdoor activities in the summer. In the winter, you can enjoy snowboarding, skiing, or even riding in a bobsleigh. There is always something fun to do all year.

Great Cuisine

A wide variety of restaurants and cuisines abound in this city. Try a quaint bistro, tasty cafe food, or exotic foreign cuisine. You and your family can enjoy a delicious meal of anything you wish, from Asian to American, from juicy steaks to vegetarian meals. Sit down in your favorite bakery for a delicious pastry or grab a sandwich on the go or dine in luxurious surroundings and enjoy a gourmet meal.

Safety and Security

You and your family can feel safe living, working, and going to school here. Calgary boasts a low violent crime rate as compared to other international cities. In addition, this remarkable city enjoys the reputation of one of the world’s cleanest cities because of the excellent quality of the drinking water and the low level of air pollution; thanks to the use of wind farming to provide some of the city’s electricity. The city streets are kept super tidy with numerous recycling programs and regular cleanings.

Getting to Work is Easy

A good public transit system provides a reliable ride to work at an affordable price. Some trains in the inner city are free to ride.

Lower Taxes

There is no provincial sales tax in Calgary and the federally imposed Goods and Services Taxes are much lower here. You save money when you shop in Calgary.

You Will Fall in Love

Once you experience the Genesis Centre in Calgary, you and your family will want to make this location a forever home. Clean, safe, and fun-filled, this city has the best lifestyle to offer.

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