Because it is important to maintain a constant maintenance

Because it is important to maintain a constant maintenance

Having a photovoltaic system can be an excellent tool for energy saving.  To need this works perfectly and allowing you to transform solar energy into electricity it is necessary to periodically check the plant to keep its productivity levels always high and to ensure a longer life of its components. For a correct functioning of the photovoltaic system it is therefore necessary to take care of its maintenance to prevent a whole series of accidents such as a fire which can damage it or reduce its performance. It is therefore very important to know well your photovoltaic system to be able to act at its best and keep it efficient.

But what is the maintenance of the photovoltaic system?

First of all in order to guarantee a correct functioning of the panels it is necessary that these are kept as clean as possible. The dirt that is deposited can inhibit the absorption of sunlight and therefore decrease the accumulation of energy. A seasonal cleaning of solar panels is always recommended. Although the rain can help keep the panels clear but it is often not enough and a more incisive intervention is needed of a specific detergent or suitable tools. It is advisable not to use a too abrasive sponge during cleaning which could damage and scratch the structure of the slabs.

Checking the wiring and electronic parts

Even this control is good to be entrusted to specialized personnel who will check periodically that the whole system is working properly and that there are no faults or problems related to electrical connections. The control of the production of solar panels is a very useful tool to monitor the efficiency of the photovoltaic system. In fact a drop in production may indicate problems such as failure or the presence of dirt. For the control of the modules a thermal camera is often used which immediately identifies faults and malfunctions. Also check the level of antifreeze which helps to prevent the thermal changes in the winter months from damaging the photovoltaic modules. Be always energy ready with Scotch Plains solar panel installer.

Conclusion: What is the best time to clean up?

It is good to plan a periodic cleaning of the photovoltaic systems. The best time to perform maintenance is the time period prior to the one of higher production. In short the most suitable moment is the beginning of spring. The weight of the accumulated snow can cause damage to the system which should be checked to monitor correct operation. The inverters are the heart of every system. They are the means by which solar energy is transformed into an electric current.  The revision of the inverters is carried out by specialized personnel who monitor their correct functioning and ascertain their efficiency.

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