4 Things to Consider When Buying Tub Enclosures

4 Things to Consider When Buying Tub Enclosures

 A shower is an integral part of your home. When purchasing a new shower, there are various factors which you should consider such as your shower’s design, style, and type. Also, your door type should match the shower’s color. Here are four things you need to have in mind when buying tub enclosures.

Do you need a custom or a pre-fabricated shower?

Pre-fabricated shower

Pre-fabricated shower is a viable option when you are on a tight budget. It has a single-piece design that comprises of synthetic material including fiberglass, laminate, and plastic. Also, it contains various shower features such as grab bars, panels, shelves and a shower base. Moreover, they are easily affordable, watertight and quick to install.

Custom shower

It is expensive than a pre-fabricated shower. However, its eco-friendly and it has long durability. Custom showers have various design options. They enable you to build one which meets your needs and fits in tight places.

Shower Type

  • Manually mixed shower: It is the traditional model which mixes cold and hot water whenever one is taking a bath. To select a particular temperature, you adjust the shower’s valve controls. Also, the bathtub is easy to install.
  • Thermostatic mixer shower: The showers are appropriate for households with small children. Usually, a thermostat controls the shower’s water temperature. Also, once you set it to a particular temperature, it remains constant hence preventing scalding.
  • Electric shower: The showers don’t need hot water as they have a building heating system that heats cold water. Besides, they are an ideal option when one intends to remodel their home’s basement.

The Shower’s Style and Shape

  • Rectangular enclosure shower: They are rectangular or square walk-in tub enclosures with varying sizes suitable for any space. You can fix the tub at a corner.
  • Corner enclosure shower: It is a typical walk-in shower that is fit for a corner. However, they can’t fit at the center of a wall. The showers are appropriate for small bathrooms.

The Shower Door

  • Sliding door: It is suitable for small bathrooms. Instead of opening outwards, the door slides along your shower’s front face. You should pick out a door which is watertight.
  • Pivot doors: The shower doors open outwards while swinging smoothly. Their hinges are at the top and the bottom hence an ideal selection for glass tub enclosures. Also, they are suitable for tiny spaces.

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